The Dubai Stopover program is exclusive to Emirates passengers. All DSO packages include meet & greet, transfers and accommodation. You can add tours and adventures to make a visit to our home city a memorable experience. Kompas Express is the appointed fulfillment center for this program. All fulfillment center bookings are subject to these terms.

The main advantage of this program and reason why it’s often chosen, is the 24hr hotel check-in feature. In fact, the DSO program is the only one offering hotel stays calculated in 24hr periods determined by the Emirates flight arrival time in Dubai. Depending on your schedule, this could mean more efficient use of your accommodation time and related savings if you need to check-in at different times than regular.

Purchasing a DSO package on this site is easy: first, please buy your Emirates airline ticket. Remember to include the time-frame you intend to stay in Dubai on your itinerary; then, simply click on our red ‘Quick Booking Gateway’ button below to request from us all available package according to your travel dates and other parameters.

You will receive various options to choose from, with quick easy links to complete the purchase. Should you not require 24hr check-in and just want the best deal on a hotel stay or should you want to learn more about tours, click on the gold button below.


Kompas Express is an independent tour operator appointed by Emirates as fulfillment center for the United States and Canada of the DSO product. The commercial office is located in Toronto, (North American Eastern Time Zone GMT- 5) and observes this location’s regular business hours. Learn more about us at kompas.express.